Voice Actors needed for Animation

2017-05-20 17:26:03 by Dayonder

I'm an animator/writer currently working on an animation called Chad and Sludgey and I'm looking for several voice actors for different characters. Unfortunately I will not be able to pay so I'm looking for someone who's willing to do it for free.
There's 3 characters who need voices. One is a 12-14ish year old guy with a raspy, negative and sarcastic voice. Second is an upbeat, fast talking salesman with a southern accent, and the third is a 15-17ish guy who can really sound like anything.

Here's a clip of the animation that features an example of how I want Sludgey to sound.

If you're interested in voice acting send me and email at amibidaba@gmail.com
and I'll get back to you with lines and more info.

Thank you! :D


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2017-05-20 19:08:00

What kind of audition are you looking for? Just a voice reel or anything you'd like me to read or should I maybe read out the parts spoken in that clip?

Dayonder responds:

Just email me that you want to try out and I'll send you some sample lines to record as a demo.


2017-05-21 22:29:51

I can do any (or all) of the voices you're asking for.

I did voices (purple guy and asian girl) for an animation titled 'Pico's Daddy' a few weeks ago.

Let me know if you have a script.