Entry #1

Where have you been!?

2017-01-22 23:24:55 by Dayonder

Some of you may be thinking, “Hey, this guy hasn’t posted anything since Thanksgiving. What’s going on?” And the rest of you are probably thinking “Ah! long post! I’ll just go find some memes.” I don’t blame you, so go ahead and do that if you wish. But, if you’re the slightest bit interested as to what the future of this channel holds and why I’ve been dormant lately, feel free to stick around.
Let’s begin.

    First, some history. Anyone who was unfortunate enough to be around during my earlier days may have noticed that I went almost the entire year of 2014 without posting any videos. I’ve stated before why this was the case, but I’ll retouch on it for those who don’t know. Basically, 2013 was a pretty active year in which I actually made a pretty sizable amount of videos, among them was “Mooned,” which was over 13 minutes long. (What was I thinking?) Anyways that year left me kinda tuckered out by the time it was over. So I gave myself a little brake once 2014 came around, and somehow, thanks to my super procrastination powers, that break extended to the rest of the year. Oops.

      And it looks like that’s gonna be the case with this year, too. Ok, not exactly, calm down. Calm down! Take a deep breath. In… out… in… out. Sheesh. Pull yourself together. So unprofessional.
     Now that you’re calm. Let me explain what I meant by that. 2017 is NOT going to be 2014 all over again- IT’S GOING TO BE WORSE! Yikes! Quit freaking out! Man, I just can’t make jokes with you, can I? As I was saying, this year won’t be like 2014. I’m not gonna go the whole year without making any videos, but I AM in a similar state to where I was then. I’m stressed out. Not because working on Revenge of the Ducks destroyed me in the same way Mooned did (though it has caused some existential crosses lately), but for other reasons, the main one being college. The last couple months of my life have been spent stressing about where I’ll be going, what I’ll be doing, where to find old man Jenkins, whether or not I’ll be good enough to do animation to make a living, yada yada yada. And these months of stress have sort of killed my creativity, placing me in a very uncomfortable writing block. The only project I have planned right now is Chad and Sludgey- oh. Chad and Sludgey…

So uh, yeah. Remember How at the beginning of 2016 I said Chad and Sludgey would be released by summer? Well, no, you probably don’t, but you might have noticed it’s been a long time. Well here’s the deal. Chad and Sludgey is not cancelled. I still have every intent to make it, I just… haven’t. I don’t even have a valid reason. I finished the script over a year ago, and actually got about 30 seconds of animation done, but then I just stopped. Granted, at the time I was still working on The Book amongst other things, but I just never picked up working on it again, I don’t even know why. Seeing as it’s the only project my stressed out mind has right now, I think it’s finally time to build some machines, and by that I mean work on Chad and Sludgey.

Or, you know, I could just… sit around until 2018…


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2017-01-23 00:08:14

Wow, reading that was a blast. Let's hope things get better

Dayonder responds:

Yeah, Let's hope...